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The Ultimate in Performance Enhancements.

Why Choose JamSport

Here at JamSport, we pride ourselves on the bespoke service we offer every single customer that walks through our doors. From talking through your ideas and plans to carrying out the work and providing aftercare, we're here for you and your car the whole way.

We're not just a bunch of mechanics, we genuinely love what we do and have a huge passion for everything and anything with an engine. We will go that extra mile to deliver the perfect end product. Our extensive experience in custom modification, upgrades, mapping etc and our proven history of producing great cars puts us in the best position to facilitate your every need.

Having been an official ECUMaster dealer since early 2013, we know the product inside out and love the user-friendly operation, even of the more technical functions and algorithms.

We work closely with other specialist companies, such as ECUMaster, to provide new products and solutions for you, our customers. Developing software for bespoke applications, through our close relationships, is just one of the many benefits of choosing JamSport.

One key aspect of what makes JamSport so special, and why our customers are so incredibly loyal, is that we are not just a buisness; we are a family - both literally and figuratively. We don't just come in to work at 8am, do our jobs, and leave at 6pm; JamSport is as much as part of us as we are of it, and we're all committed to the continued improvement, development, and growth of this company.

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